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What does the average NZ teacher earn?

On Q&A this weekend it was said that the average teacher’s pay is $74k per year. Teachers up and down the country fainted, asking who this average teacher is!

SOSNZ would love to see what calculations were done to reach that figure, because it seems entirely unlikely to be accurate.

The NZ primary school teacher pay scale is here:

Teachers wages

Note the top for most teachers, after many years in the profession, is $70,481.

The most you can get, with a Masters, PhD or Honours Degree is $74,460.

The only way to get more than that is to take on additional responsibilities, at $4k per unit.

Given a huge number of teachers leave within the first few years, it’s unlikely that the average wage is truly $74k as was mooted on Q&A.

Mean, mode, median, smoke or mirrors – I’d love to know how that figure was arrived at.

~ Dianne

EDITED 23/8/16 11.36am to include these Tweets from Q&A:

average teacher wage tweet

I have asked Q&A whether they can get details of how that was calculated (does it include principals, specialists, RTLBs, etc?). I have also asked Tracey Martin, Chris Hipkins and Catherine Delahunty whether they might ask about it in the House. I will keep you informed.

~ Dianne


Hekia’s Behaviour is No Laughing Matter (Letter Home Part 2…)

I’m sorry to have to write home about wee Hekia so soon after my last note, but her behaviour has not only failed to improve but appears to be getting worse.

In this last week she has shown very poor manners to her hosts, with belittling comments, demeaning behaviour and downright rudeness.  This really is a huge concern.  She doesn’t seem to have any concept of respecting others, and instead mocks them and makes fun of them at every turn.  It is not a way to build meaningful relationships and is causing a lot of distress for her peers.

There is still also serious concern that she will not meet the standard for listening and responding appropriately, as she constantly fails to reply to the questions asked and even seems to find her shenanigans funny.   She says she does listen to what other people say, even if she doesn’t do what they ask, but the majority of her playmates say this is not the case and that she does what she and just a few of her best friends want, no matter what.

In numeracy (maths), she and her group have made many factual errors, even failing to achieve in simple addition, but will not accept that their work is faulty, and instead find it amusing to ignore and often mock feedback.  It really is the most defensive and obstructive behaviour, and this lack of self analysis and goal setting is stalling her chances of improving her performance.

Because of all of these many very serious concerns, people are asking whether we can call new class elections as they are not sure that Hekia is really representing them very well or has their interests in mind.

There are also some very serious accusations of lying surrounding Hekia and her friends, that need to be investigated carefully.

This is all very worrying indeed and, again, I hope to hear from you so we can begin to address these very serious concerns,


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