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Is the Ministry of Education advising principals to manipulate data?

Now this is a rather alarming turn of events:

MOE are desperate to have columns all adding up nicely, so helpfully suggested a way to make my reading achievement data look tidy…


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Date: Friday, 9 May 2014 12:38 PM

To: <>
Subject: National Standards data

Greetings minister

National Standards manipulate the dataA little while ago I sent the spreadsheet of national standards data to my MOE office as required.  Some of the columns to do with ethnic group achievement levels did not tally. I checked my school assessment data carefully and confirmed the numbers in each ethnic group at each level, but this would still not tally with overall ethnic group numbers. The overall numbers did tally to my school roll at the time, so there is a ‘glitch’.  I believe the glitch is to do with the priority ethnic group system the MOE uses which places students as Maori if they indicate at any level that they are (a student listing themselves as Asian, Pakeha, NZ Maori will automatically default to Maori for instance).

I received a phone call and email today from MOE regarding certain ethnic columns not tallying with ethnic totals. I told them I knew that, but the individual ethnic totals in each level (‘well below’, ‘below’, ‘at’, and ‘above’) tally with my school assessment data. MOE are desperate to have columns all adding up nicely, so helpfully suggested a way to make my reading achievement data look tidy. They suggested I take the three Asian students in the ‘below’ column and place them in the ‘above’ column. That would eliminate one red tag. I pointed out that I did actually have three Asian students in the ‘below’ category. That, however, was of no interest to the MOE person who indicated that it would balance things up.

After the phone conversation I requested guidance via email on what it was suggested I do. I received an email back from MOE with the stated suggestion confirmed as above.

What they are suggesting I do is in fact manipulate my data to make it fit.  In this case it would make my data look better as I would now have no Asian students in the ‘below’ category and three more Asian students in the ‘above’ category….

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Who’s misbehaving?

There are around 100,000 registered teachers in NZ. – of this maybe 10 have been in the much over hyped news. That’s one in 10000.

Parliamentarians on the other hand have been misbehaving at probably 500 times that level. On this basis the government has stolen our professional body [the Teachers Council] from us (would they also do this to the medical council or the law society!). Now they wish to replace it with a politically nominated body to control our registration and disputes. This becomes a vehicle for them to introduce politically driven policies which have nothing to do with professional standards.

misdirectionThey are removing our right to representation on our body as we see fit. They are denying natural justice by publishing names before ‘guilt’ or misconduct are established. Despite claims to raise the recognition of teachers as professionals, they wish to ignore our code of ethics and replace it with their own code of conduct (laughable given how they abuse their own one).

Please be aware that they are manipulating the media to make it look like there is a crisis in teacher standards.

Their agenda is to bring in performance pay and do away with our professional representation via the Teachers Council and the PPTA/NZEI etc. I have worked in the private sector where everything was performance driven and collegiality goes out the window as teachers hunker down in their own little cubicles jealously guarding their knowledge and skills. This is so detrimental to the strengths of education in New Zealand.

On top of this, teachers are still dealing with the debacle that is Novopay. As the minister whispers too complicated I hear cut conditions.

Charter Schools are still being introduced despite evidence showing they are a poor decision. Teacher standards for these schools have also been lowered.

As I hear the minister whisper Private Partnerships I see truckloads of tax money being poured into them and nothing from the private partners.

The $350m on offer for expert and lead teachers and principals is being foist upon us with the government expecting us to figure out how to make it work in a matter of weeks (unpaid consultative work I might add). There was no discussion on whether this was the best way to spend an asset sale windfall in education. Where the minister whispers raising standards I see performance pay and a whole new level of management structure being foist upon teachers who will be expected to do even more work for no more money.

The government needs to clean up its own act. Perhaps they would be willing to let teachers oversee parliamentary privileges and MPs’ code of conduct??

by Glenn Cassidy 

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