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A long-serving teacher with great evaluations has just quit her teaching job.  Why?

She tells her school board:

“[Y]ou have made us information pushers, test givers, and paper passer outers.  LET US TEACH!!!”

She tells those in power, those setting up more and more central testing, more and more central and constrictive curricula:

“You are setting teachers up to fail. Teaching was once a noble and creative profession. Learning was once fun! If you want kids to stay in school, make them want to come!!!”

Her letter is powerful, it is honest, is it the clear and plain truth that so many would like to say.

She closes with this:

“If you think getting rid of experienced classroom teachers is the answer, then shame on you! It takes experienced teachers to help new, inexperienced teachers with the overwhelming burdens of classroom management, helping with background knowledge of the information being taught, and learning how to build relationships with the students and the community that these students come from. There is SO much more to teaching then getting in front of a class and giving a lesson!”

Read it here.

And then ask yourself, is this the New Zealand you want?

Because it’s the way we are going, and without some serious resistance THIS is the letter you will be reading from our great Kiwi teachers soon enough.


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