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What could we do to improve education?

Mr Fitz, teacher and voice of sanity, once again speaks truth to power. Unfortunately, power is once again selectively deaf.

Mr Fitz - improving education

I shall leave it to you to decide the possible identity of the female, but I feel she could do with dark hair… perhaps the cartoonist, David Finkle,would do me an edited version… (Shameless hint)

My thanks to David for once again allowing me to share his work, which is always totally on the nose and deserves a HUGE audience.

~ Dianne

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The Devolution of the Teacher, by Marcus Owen

Thanks to Marcus for giving me permission to share this cartoon.  I think it says it all about the current system …

Devolution of the teacher, by Marcus Owen

Shared with permission of Marcus Owen, cartoonist.  Marcus’ work can be enjoyed on Twitter and Facebook, and a book of his

teaching cartoons can be bought right here.


Charter schools cost a fortune – cartoon by Tom Scott

charter schools by Tom Scott


– and the money was shuffled from other areas of education, so others lose out.

Cartoon By Tom Scott

Originally published in The Dominion Post 20/5/14

Key’s theory of education

Cartoon responses to Key’s education announcements:

Emmerson on education


third time lucky




Education: My thoughts in pictures

I love my public school

the joy of learning

sosnz assessment parata quote meme

i must pay more attention

I love my public school

don't panic - organise


Testing, testing…

Testing, testing...

Testing should inform the teacher and student about where the student is now, and allow them to plan where to go next.

It should not be a stick with which to beat either the student or the teacher.

The cop out’s answer to all educational problems is…

answer - test



If tests don’t solve those problems for adults, why do reformers think they’ll solve things for children?

~ Dianne



Elephant in the classroom



Do something:

Hekia to the left… Quake to the right …

Hekia to the left... Quake to the right ...

Dominion Post today, 20th Feb 2013.

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