Charter Schools

Two must-watch videos outlining issues with the Charter Schools model, specifically in NZ:

Charter Schools – things we need to know (Part 1)

“The worst possible model” – how charter schools have been introduced in New Zealand (part 2)


Past articles & posts:

Charter schools no panacea for education system – Bill Courtney

Excerpts from the damning ERO report on NZ’s Northland charter school

Charter schools at any cost? Really, New Zealand?

Charter Schools NZ: School Trust issued with notice

Charter Schools: No amount of spin can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

Charter school back-down a victory for kids – Green Party

Charter School reforms just one big con

Chile’s Charter School Experiment is Almost Over

As predicted, charter schools in trouble – QPEC

Do Charter Schools Promote Segregation?

NZ Charter Schools: All is not well in Camelot

Charter School Secrets

Matt Di Carlo on the New CREDO Study of Charters

NEPC: Latest Charter School Meta-Study Exaggerates Their Benefits

Unanswered Questions about Charter Schools – QPEC

Blindly Defending Failed Charter Schools Experiment – NZ First Press Release

Ouch! Radio NZ journalist gives Hekia a run for her money on charter schools

Are ACT’s charter schools fiscally responsible? – PPTA

Charter Schools now even smaller and more expensive – QPEC

Big worries with charter school experiment

Charter School Fraud and Mismanagement

ACT Party supports big spending policy – price no object! says QPEC

Teachers to Epsom voters: Don’t let ACT wreck our education system

Yet more Charter Schools under investigation

Charter Schools and Privatisation: It’s not about school choice

Whangarei Boys High School says no to charter school students

Virtual Classrooms, charter schools, profits and the education madness of global ‘reforms’

Principals express concern about charter school

$1.6 Million for portacabins and portaloos in a paddock? The charter school farce continues.

More privatisation of public education.

NZ charter schools – should we just get over it and run with it?

Charter School front-runners named

Just who are the NZ charter school hopefuls?

Māori Need More Than Charter Schools

Ombudsman’s findings show need for transparency over charter schools

Charter Schools – a quiet revolution or a sneaky takeover?

Do Low-Income Parents Want Charters or Great Public Schools

Charter school rhetoric and scaremongering

The John Banks School for Errant Maori and Polynesian South Auckland Lads (Ltd) (satire)

The Charter School with no classes at all…

So, Swedish Charter Schools Are Great, Are They…?

Open Letter to Parliament regarding charter schools

10 Things Charter Schools Won’t Tell You

ACT, Maori, Pasifika, and Charter Schools

Charter Schools – the winners and losers (video)

Cross Party Resistance to Charter Schools

Charter Schools: Great advertising – Dodgy business

Does anyone remember being asked whether we wanted Charter Schools?

Campbell Live – The ins and outs of charter schools 23.4.13 (video)

Open the books on charter schools, says NZEI

How will charter schools help our neediest students?

Charter Schools were meant to be progressive… what happened?

Documents reveal Government’s secretive approach to charter schools – NZEI

Democracy in NZ is Dead – Forcing Through Charter Schools Come Hell or High Water

Reblog: Charter Schools – contrary to ACT’s free market principles?

Catastrophic Schools Without Rules – charter schools oral submissions part one

Charter Schools – The Arguments For and Against

ACT are Pushing Hard for Charter Schools Even Before Bill is Passed

Charter Schools Look Great From Down Here… (NOT)

So, Charter Schools Are Better, Are They?

What You Should Know About Charter Schools

Who WILL Charter Schools Benefit? (meme)

Unregistered Teachers in Charter Schools a Bad Idea Says Ministry

Stanford University Research on Charter Schools (USA)

Media News Round-Up – NZ Charter Schools

Charter Schools Discussed on The Union Report (video)

Articles on Charter Schools and Assessment

Charter Schools (Partnership Schools) in NZ – Key Quotes

Charter Schools (or Partnership Schools)

Charter Schools Experiment

NZ Charter (Partnership) Schools and the Official Information Act



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