National Standards

Nothing standard about National StandardsPast Posts on National Standards:

National Standards results should not be published, by Martin Thrupp

National Stigma – Two Teachers Speak Out

National Standards and the Damage Done, by Martin Thrupp

Northland schools should be praised – Te Tai Tokerau Principals

What are National Standards really being used for?

Another family says no to National Standards

Dear Principal, we are opting out of National Standards …

Thinking about National Standards in NZ, by Marian Hobbs

Not choice, bro – I want to opt out

National Standards and ERO’s firm touch

Another pointless and costly National Standards exercise

Education: My thoughts in pictures


Govt plans to impose costly tool on schools in bid to fix flawed National Standards

A parent’s question about National Standards…

National Standards: Vapours, Hot Air and Coercion, from The Daily Blog

The dumb editor at the Dominion Post

Let us frame our message correctly then act with unity, By Kelvin Smythe

National Standards will make their (skid) mark…

Teachers Fear Change and Hate Testing … Don’t They?

National Standards in Numbers

The Slap of National Standards; How National Standards Made Me Cry.

Release of Primary School Data Disingenuous, Destructive and Deluded – Martin Thrupp

PaCT (Progress and Consistency Tool) posts:

paint by numbers


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