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Hekia ‘Special Education Association’ – more screenshots surface

This is what Hekia  Parata said in the House on 23rd August 2016:

Hekia Hansard 23 aug 16

We’ve already seen how Hekia justified her statement to Melanie Simons.

This is what she said when Glenis Bearsley questioned her:

Hekia - glenys - SEN quHekia - glenys - SEN qu 2

Anyone else see a pattern forming here?

~ Dianne



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2 thoughts on “Hekia ‘Special Education Association’ – more screenshots surface

  1. Yes – there is definitely a pattern! The current minister’s consultation with that ‘association’ – a crude attempt to imply some sort of credible mandate – reminded me of the previous education minister responsible for imposing National Standards. In an interview she claimed that she talked with parents at BBQs who were fully supportive of the (then) introduction of Nat Stds. So there is a pattern there too – policy defended on the basis of fictional organisations or chummy BBQs. In every way, not acceptable. Policy affecting education should be the result of transparent consultation with those involved across the sector.


    Posted by Megan | August 28, 2016, 10:55 am


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