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Bad acronym, worse idea: online publicly funded private schools a disaster in the making – PPTA

PPTA logoThe Minister of Education’s announcement today that Communities of online learning (Cools) will be created to allow corporate entities to enter the education “market” is nothing but blatant privatisation, says the PPTA.

“Learning online is already here, ask any parent with children at school.” says PPTA President Angela Roberts, ‘What this does is open up a market for any provider to get public funding to offer online education, in competition with public schools.”

“Schools already have many ways of blending face-to-face with online learning. There will be no new opportunities created for our rangatahi with this change. The only benefit will be for business.”

“Coming at the same time that the funding review is proposing a standardised per-child amount being provided in a cash sum to schools, the proposal for ‘Cools’ sets up the possibility of student vouchers being used to fund private online schools.”

“There are two wildly incorrect assumptions that underpin this idea,” says Angela Roberts. “One is that online learning can substitute for face-to-face, and the other is that a more competitive market in education is going to lead to better results. Both of these fly in the face of all the evidence.”

“This policy would put New Zealand in the bracket of countries with the most free-market education systems in the world and similar to some US states. I don’t think this is what New Zealand parents want for their children.”


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2 thoughts on “Bad acronym, worse idea: online publicly funded private schools a disaster in the making – PPTA

  1. Online schools in America are terrible. They rake in the money because there is very little cost. They lose students in droves and it’s to their advantage to lose them – they still get the money for doing nothing.

    I can’t see this surviving under a non-National govt so it’s a huge risk for any company to start up here.


    Posted by mjpledger | August 23, 2016, 9:39 pm
    • I suddenly realised it’s probably the Language Perfect people pushing for this. They have a cosy relationship with the MoE and they are already in place so there is not a lot of risk compared to a start-up.


      Posted by mjpledger | August 24, 2016, 10:52 am

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