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Stop The Presses: lay person is expert on education!

Dear Mr Plested,

I had no idea that running a freight company gave one such insight, but since you clearly you know all there is to know about managing everything in the world, from trucking companies to education systems, I am hoping you will give me and my documentary making team permission to come and film at Mainfreight to see how perfect everything is there. So we can learn from it. Since you know everything.

We would like to do a one-to-one interview with you about your time as a teacher and principal, the pedagogies you use, your ethos, the professional development you have undertaken and your insight into child development. I feel we could learn a lot from you.

We would ideally like to film in the school you have running at Mainfreight and see the students in action. This will be inspirational for those poor teachers in the state system who don’t know what you know.

The mountains of evidence showing that performance pay for teachers doesn’t work (and not only doesn’t work but lowers student outcomes) needs to dealt to. Research is over-rated – all that peer-reviewed tosh! It’s time to show that none of that has any value by sharing your insightful reckons.

I for one am glad people like you are onto it. The education system needs more back seat drivers – that’s the very thing it’s been lacking all these years. Look how well it went when they handed all those English schools over to mobile phone execs and carpet moguls. It’s not like they had anything to gain from taking over all of those schools and taking the money that would have been wasted on students. Far better that it goes to businessmen such as your good self so that you can spend it on the important things like Vera Wang tea services, $1k meals and top-end Jaguars.

Let’s get this education system sorted. Get your people to call my people and we’ll Skype…

Naku noa,

Dianne Khan & the film team

PS: It’s wonderful that you support experiments on school students, and I’m hoping that – as such an advocate – you will be happy to send your child/ren to the nearest charter school and let us track how they get on there in a fly-on-the-wall stand-alone doco.


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4 thoughts on “Stop The Presses: lay person is expert on education!

  1. ooh…can i be one of your people? i want to be in on this!


    Posted by krys | July 29, 2016, 6:17 pm
  2. I share your frustration specially since I only recently discovered that Picot (whose report was the foundation of Tomorrows Schools) was a supermarket manager!!! One of these days someone might realise that the business model is not appropriate to follow wholesale in a state education system – because firstly you can’t make money from your clients (yet!), and secondly because a high proportion of businesses fail, which we cannot afford to happen to schools.


    Posted by juliettelaird | July 30, 2016, 4:30 pm
  3. Extra Extra – successful white businessmen solves education issues in NZ


    Posted by rodneystratton | August 1, 2016, 12:39 pm
  4. Sorry I think your rude comments should be taken with the contempt they deserve. He is a person who is stating his opinion with the hope that the powers that be will listen. We live in a free country


    Posted by grant hitchen | August 7, 2016, 10:20 am

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