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‘Education and the Commercial Mindset’ – a must for your reading list

“When speaking with teachers and parents, I often find them bewildered by the rapid pace of school privatization coded as “school reform”. The allure of “choice” has brought false promise, along with a host of unintended negative consequences for their neighborhood schools. And yet, despite the evidence, the commercial mindset of choice and market practices continues to drive school change. If not stopped, the democratically governed school, anchored in a neighborhood in which parents and community have voice, will be a relic of the past.

“One only has to look to Sweden or Detroit to see the corruption, problems and failure that will result when the commercial mindset is in charge.

Education and the Commercial Mindset deserves to be at the top of your summer reading list. It connects the dots and sheds much needed light on the origins of corporate reforms. It makes a sound, research-based argument for why the commercial mindset has no place as a driver of change in our schools.


Read the rest of the article here: Carol Burris on Samuel Abrams’ New Book: Put This at the Top of Your Summer Reading List!

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