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The victimisation of Peggy Burrows

I share this from Peggy to show that I stand by her. It is my way of saying I believe she is not in the wrong, and – worse still – she is being actively and purposefully attacked by the very people we educators are meant to trust. This is bullying of the worst order. It is victimisation. A career three decades long is being stripped from Peggy with no evidence of any wrong-doing on her part. Why would a commissioner do that? Why would Ministry allow it? There are some very hard questions to answer, and it isn’t Peggy that should be in the dock.

~ Dianne Khan, SaveOurSchoolsNZ

This from Peggy Burrows:

I need your help. Please don’t just “Like” this post. I am asking you to share it…


Because I am being bullied and I am asking for your help. It may be that after this long weekend I will find myself gagged again.

Ask yourself why we don’t hear about the horrors of what happens to Principals who are exited from their schools?
Answer – because there is a silence of compliance – but the compliance is dictated by a carefully constructed culture of fear and threats.

I am being threatened again to be silent. I am yet to receive notification from the Employment Relations Authority as to their ruling on the request made to them this week that I be re-gagged. So unless I do I believe this Facebook Page provides a forum for free speech in our country.

So what has happened to me this week in this 20 month campaign of horror?

1. I received notification from the Teachers Council today that a “mandatory” notification regarding my dismissal has been made. So after 37 years of service to New Zealand Education I find myself having to defend myself in that jurisdiction as well.

2. I have been accused of attempting to use social media to unfairly influence possible witnesses.

Let’s call the 1300 plus people who signed the petition to reinstate me if they are looking for witnesses. I know 95% of those individuals personally and taught many of them over three decades ago as a young graduate. How well do my current accusers know me – not at all.

Why am I putting myself through this nightmare?


a) I am not the person the Minister of Education was told I am.

b) My Board did not deserve to be dismissed.

c) I have not done anything that would warrant this level of abuse and bullying.

d) Some very good people have been hugely hurt and damaged by this whole horrible process.

Included below is an overview of my story so far. I have been accused of inappropriately sharing this information on social media. Free speech can not be considered inappropriate surely.

It is not me campaigning, it is me providing factual information in a climate of silence and innuendo.

It is nothing more than an overview of what I have been coping with over the past 20 months.

It is not me campaigning, it is me providing factual information in a climate of silence and innuendo.

If I find myself chastised in the Employment Authority for telling the truth on a Facebook Page then we really do have a problem in this country around free speech.

None of the links below were produced by me. I have merely provided them to you in the hope that you will take the time to please share them.

I would like Paul Finch [Support Peggy Burrows Facebook Page co-ordinator] to be able to send the petition to the Minister of Education in September with 2000 signatures on it. We have 700 signatures to find before then and can only do that if you help.

Thank you for your support and kind words as I meet you out and about in Rangiora. When people say to me, “This is dreadful and we are right behind you,” show me that you are by sharing and posting on the Parent Support Facebook Page – Support Peggy Burrows TV1NEWS. “Like” the page and post – don’t remain silent please.…/education/school-daze/……/peggy-burrows-in-for-fight-of-her-……/rangiora-high-school-principal-peg……/part-1-rangiora-is-ab…/…/part-2-rangiora-is-ab…/…/ladies-and-gentlemen-…/

Peggy Burrows was suspended in July following accusations she breached a gagging order and leaked information to ONE News.
Questions from Tracey Martin MP in the House:

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