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NZEI opposes plan to allow universities to sponsor charter schools

NZEI Te Riu Roa says the Government’s proposal to allow universities to sponsor charter schools is another desperate attempt to embed the failed model of schooling.

Speaking at the Education and Science Select Committee this morning, NZEI Te Riu Roa National Secretary Paul Goulter said the Education Legislation Bill proposes a number of radical changes to our education sector.

He said the Government has tried to portray the proposed legislation as a “tidying up” bill to modernise legislation but this is far from reality.

“There are a lot of proposed changes that are cause for concern and this includes enabling tertiary education institutions to sponsor charter schools.

“It is clear that there has not been the level of support or interest in charter schools that the Government had hoped for and it is now desperately looking for new ways to support the model.”

He said allowing universities and waananga to set up charter schools is a conflict of interest, particularly for any tertiary institution associated with the training of teachers, as charter schools do not require 100 percent trained and qualified teachers.

“The original stated intent of charter schools was to place the risk of charter school failure onto private providers.  However, by allowing public institutions to sponsor charter schools, once again the taxpayer takes on the risk.”


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2 thoughts on “NZEI opposes plan to allow universities to sponsor charter schools

  1. It is very clear that charter schools do not work. We all knew this long ago when they failed to work overseas in other neo-liberal countries like USA. Teachers knew that the problem wasn’t the schools here and to be fair the government knew that a lack of funding was the real issue because they provided much larger funding to their experiment.
    I say let Universities run charter schools. They have already demonstrated that they know little about primary school teaching with their terrible teacher training courses which fail the teachers and the students. They could staff their schools with all their trainees and we could see another failed school model.
    That would mean another group of children who would suffer from thee tragic attempts to play with education for political reasons and these children would be worse off. But then isn’t that what Hekia really wants anyway? Lots of failures in the education system to be the workers on minimum slave paying their failing neo-liberal economic model.


    Posted by Roger Young | March 9, 2016, 1:57 pm

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