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Legal action over Novopay support staff annualisation – NZEI


NZEI is continuing to vigorously pursue its case on behalf of 6000 support staff members in schools who are going to have their pay reduced for 27 fortnights in 2016 because of the way Novopay is dealing with pay annualisation.

Our lawyers have met this week with Crown Law and the Employment Authority.  The Authority had suggested a hearing in August and we have strongly opposed such a big delay in the proceedings.  As a result, the Authority has agreed to meet next week to set an earlier date for a hearing.

We will inform members once a date has been set.

About 27% of support staff have been affected by Novopay’s proposal to have 27 pay days in 2016, rather than the normal 26 pay periods.

Novopay’s approach will reduce the fortnightly payments to these support staff by approximately 3.7% each pay day over the 27 fortnights from pay period 23 in January.

NZEI believes that this is unacceptable. Technical calendar reasons have been given for Novopay’s proposed approach but Novopay has not been able to adequately explain why the reduction in fortnightly pay must occur.

The reduction in pay affects members who are already on low incomes.  We are also concerned that Novopay’s decision was made without any consultation or prior discussion either with members themselves or NZEI Te Riu Roa.  The situation has been compounded by poor communication from Novopay, with resulting confusion and concern in the sector.

Please call 0800 NZEI HELP if you have any queries about this.


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