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Wide-ranging education changes shouldn’t be rushed, says NZEI

nzei logoThe announcement of wide-ranging changes via a new education Bill signals a potential shift in the structure of schooling. 

The Education Legislation Bill 2015 includes amendments to eight Acts covering issues from charter schools to student identification numbers and school opening hours.

NZEI Te Riu Roa President Louise Green said the changes could have wider effects than just administration and governance.

“Some of the changes indicate a big shift in the structure of schooling, such as enabling principals to ‘manage’ more than one school. Principals are leaders of teaching professionals, not a CEO across a chain of stores.

“Likewise, allowing tertiary institutions to sponsor charter schools is an unnecessary extension of the model, and enabling the State Services Commissioner to approve changes to terms and conditions of employment raises a raft of questions and concerns.

“We really need a national conversation about some of these larger changes, rather than rushing them through as part of a grab bag of tweaks and updates.”



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One thought on “Wide-ranging education changes shouldn’t be rushed, says NZEI

  1. Here we see the problem with a union dominated by Management, they don’t see a problem with letting Hekia open schools at 6-30 and close them at 8-00 so parents don’t have to pay for babysitters, giving the Secretary Of Education the power to change negotiated contracts without a whiff of consultation or 21st century cradle to grave Nazi style ID(electronic files that follow students for the rest of their lives). Instead, dear Louise is worried about when she steps back into her role, will it still be there or will a secondary Principal be running all the schools in the area while she becomes a mere flunky. It amazes me that people do not look at the underlying reasons for the Nats every move when we have seen their deviousness over and over.


    Posted by Greg Patel | November 27, 2015, 4:01 pm

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