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Are teachers’ freedoms under attack?

warning red flagThe new Education Council has set out its agenda, and two things in particular are raising red flags.

Ethics or Conduct?

The Education Council also plans to develop a Code of Conduct for teachers that outlines expectations for teacher behaviour.

  • Will the code infringe on teachers’ rights as citizens to freedom of speech?
  • Is the Code of Conduct aimed at gagging teachers?

No Complaint Investigations

The Education Council can act on concerns about a teacher without receiving a complaint.

Education Council can “[a]ct on concerns about teacher conduct without relying on a third party complaint.” 

  • Ask yourself, if there has been no complaint, what – or who – has prompted the investigation?
  • Will there be a clear paper trail showing who instigated the investigation process, explaining clearly why it is taking place?
  • Does this have the potential to be used for (political?) bullying?

Is the Education Council free to truly work for education and does it fairly represent teachers, or is there undue political influence?

One to keep a close eye on.


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