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Sad day for teaching and learning as Minister handpicks new teaching council

nzei logoNZEI says there has been a lack of regard for democracy and for the teaching profession over the way the new EDUCANZ Council has been handpicked.

“Only one person on the new body replacing the NZ Teachers Council has been democratically elected by the profession through an electoral process run by NZEI,” says President Louise Green.

“This is a sad day for the teaching profession. A democratically elected council has been replaced by a group hand-picked by the Minister.

“How can teachers have any faith in a council that has been chosen entirely by the Minister and not by their own representatives?

“Despite the Minister’s claims, EDUCANZ is not independent and does not represent teachers or the teaching profession. Instead it will be seen by teachers as another vehicle set up by the Government to exert control over the teaching profession.”


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One thought on “Sad day for teaching and learning as Minister handpicks new teaching council

  1. It is amazing to be that this government seems to be able to get away with lies with impunity.
    Lies like….
    EDUCANZ will represent the the profession
    EDUCANZ will be independent

    These are lies and should be called as such. where are our journalists?
    You can paint stripes on a horse but it’s still not a zebra.
    Neither does EDUCANZ represent the profession nor will it be able to act independently.


    Posted by kellyned | June 3, 2015, 5:34 pm

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