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Māori student success at Albany Senior High School

An excellent piece on Maori student achievement.

“We’re privileged that people trust us with their children. I think we should honour that trust by engaging in a genuine partnership. The power dynamic within this partnership has been imbalanced in the past. Schools and teachers may have been seen as the ‘authority’, with families very much having to defer to that model of hierarchy. I wonder if now, as agents of the crown, our role in the partnership is to listen. Listen hard. Keep listening. Then act together.”

michaela . pinkerton

100% of our Māori learners had achieved at least NCEA Level 2 on leaving the school in 2014: achieving just as highly, or more highly, than non-Māori students.  These are impressive statistics given the rate of perceived underachievement of our Māori learners nationwide.

In response to a recent question posed to me, I’d like to share a little of what I believe contributes to this success.

Albany Senior High School is distinctly different from many schools. I believe it is these differences which create a culture where success is possible for our Māori learners. A brief list to illustrate some of the key features at Albany (ASHS);

  • Three lessons per day of 100 minute duration. (No more aimless wandering between 6 classes and the attendant time wasting. The opportunity to get really in-depth on a topic.)
  • 200 minutes per week allocated to individual academic mentoring and support in a small…

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