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Worldwide, battle-weary educators are standing together against an onslaught

Make no mistake, education worldwide is under an attack such as it has never seen before. Country after country fights the same battles, one after the other, with weary troops that are clearly disadvantaged when it comes to fire-power, funds, armour and propaganda.

Those with all the power do not fight fair. They control the media, they set the laws, they have their Quangos and lobby groups, they have access to the money, and they are not afraid to bend the truth or just plain lie.

How can teachers fight against that?

Well, we can, we must, and we are.

Worldwide, we are standing together and sharing our stories. We are spotting common modes of attack, we are helping each other unravel the double-speak thrown at teachers and parents alike so we recognise the lies for what they are.

Fight the GERMAnd we are joining forces. Together, hand in hand, side by side, shoulder to shoulder across the planet we are saying stop the onslaught and respect public education.

Not one of these people thinks the system is perfect. Not one things it should be left as it is. But all know that the pressure to change is being used to push for changes that will not only fail to solve the underlying issues, but will make things worse. We don’t want the status quo and we sure as hell don’t want things to decline, so we speak out.

We need a call sign – those of us that are fighting the global education reform movement (GERM). We need a worldwide tag that is ours. My thought is #OneVoice – but I know you can think of something better – something catchier – something that speaks to education and is easy to remember. I am depending on you to find the right hashtag for us to attach to our posts, to let the enemy know we are organising and we are ready to stand up for education – so please share your ideas.

don't panic organiseMeanwhile – as we keep up the pressure to put students first, to acknowledge that poverty has a significant impact on educational achievement and needs addressing, to respect trained teachers and include them in policy planning, to stop the relentless surge of testing and data collection – link up with fellow educators at home and abroad.

Together we are stronger – hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder we stand.

~ Dianne

Educators who are fighting for change and who are worth following (please feel free to add your own details to the comments section):

@DMace8 (USA)

@Bedtonman (UK)

@Moravec (Knowmad)

@CyclingKev (UK)

@Pasi_Sahlberg (Finland)

@LostArcNZ (NZ)

@BadassTeachersA (worldwide but mainly USA)

@Gustavsonl (USA)

@TeachSolidarity  (UK)

@ThomasHaig (NZ)

@Lapham_Katie (USA)

@rweingarten (USA)

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One thought on “Worldwide, battle-weary educators are standing together against an onslaught

  1. lets stand together. Let’s stand strong. We need all teachers and all parents. Numbers count. We need a day that is world wide, at the same time exactly to make a stand.
    Education is the future of societies. We are not creating citizens of just today but tomorrow as well. We have a responsibility to our children, our societies not to create a world of non-thinkers and people who are the same.


    Posted by snoepjeallen | April 7, 2015, 7:34 am

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