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It’s an epic wage rise windfall! (Spoiler – not for teachers or those on minimum wage)

With teacher pay bargaining just around the corner and politicians’ wage rises announced today, I thought I would compare the wage increases of primary school teachers and politicians over the past few years:

Very experienced primary school teacher – wages (rounded)

2006 – $56k

2015 – $66k

= increase over 9 years of $10k

Any Backbencher Politician – wages (rounded)

2007 – $126k

2015 – $156k  (plus $28k accommodation allowance)

= increase over 8 years of $30k

Slap me with a kipper and call me Arnold, but that doesn’t seem exactly fair.

Money-BagsI won’t even go into the debacle that is Novopay or the fact that some are still being paid wrongly and some are still waiting on wages owed for over a year… No, we won’t open that can of worms. Except to say that Stephen Joyce and Hekia Parata’s $268,500 a year will be rising to about $283,300 and will be paid on time.

David Seymour, parliamentary-under-secretary-for-promoting-charter-schools-at-any-cost, will get a nice 5.5% pay rise on his $175,600 a year, bringing it nearer $185,000 per year. (Mr Seymour’s wages could pay for around three teachers.)

John Key pocketed an additional $23,800 and today said of MP’s pay rises:

“The money turns up in your account. You could say, ‘Well, you could write a cheque or donate it or give it back’, but it’s just not that practical across 121 MPs.”

“What do you do when you get to the next year, and they give you another pay increase? Do we take that one and not the other one?”

Such a difficult decision, Prime Minister – how you must suffer with that one.

empty purseMeanwhile, those lucky devils like our teacher aides who are on the minimum wage were given a mind-blowing raise of 50c per hour, meaning they will not even earn $23,800 in a year….

Jeepers, people on minimum wage must be planning right now whether to spend that windfall of about $15 per week on a car or a yacht, don’t you think?

And if they can’t decide, then perhaps Hekia Parata can offer some suggestions, as I’m sure she’s been planning how best to spend her extra $283 a week. After all, it must have been a struggle getting by on just $21k a month this past year…

Where’s that kipper again?

~ Dianne

Sources and further reading:

$10k payrise tipped for Backbench MPs – Stuff

MPs get pay rise of at least $8200 – NZ Herald

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