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Charter schools at any cost? Really, New Zealand?

errorAfter months of chasing for information, delayed ERO reports, stalled Official Information Act (OIA) requests, fudging by Hekia Parata, David Seymour, Catherine Isaac and co., and blinkered reports from the mainstream media and right-wing bloggers, today we finally have confirmation of what we knew all along: Te Kura Hourua ki Whangaruru charter school is failing its students.

For a whole year, political rhetoric and cover ups have taken precedence over the needs of students that are reportedly some of the neediest in the country, letting them down yet again.

How utterly cruel to promise so much and deliver so little.

How reliable is ERO?  

ERO is meant to evaluate our schools’ effectiveness and make recommendations where there are concerns.

As such ERO’s reports must be reliable and must not be held back to protect charters or any other type of school. Hiding the truth serves no-one other than politicians and those making money out of schools – it certainly doesn’t serve students.  It’s worth reading this, then, to get an idea just how hard it has been to get information on this school. ERO’s readiness report was due in June, and an OIA was delayed repeatedly as the report was held back and held back.

A cynic might ponder why the report on Te Kura Hourua ki Whangaruru would be held back until both the general election and the 2nd round of charter schools were done and dusted…

Lastly, how can we be confident that concerns have not been played down in the other ERO charter school readiness reports, too?

How capable is Hekia Parata?

nzei_issues_charter1This is yet another stuff up to add to Parata’s list: Class sizes, technology cuts, Novopay, IES,  and now this. It seems she is incapable of running a sizeable project without it crashing down, which is of huge concern when she is in charge of such an important portfolio as education.

Best not mention that it’s another $3 Million down the drain, with no promise that any of it will be recovered when the school closes.

And just what exactly is David Seymour doing for his pay packet, since charter schools were his party’s baby?  His silence is deafening.

Meanwhile,  it’s the kids that suffer. The students are, sadly, mere pawns in a cruel political game that is so keen to push an ideology it is blind to the truth.

Charter schools at any cost? Really, New Zealand?


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