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Charter School reforms just one big con

charter schools look before you leapGrand rhetoric and promises that are not realised are the order of the day for charterisation. Failures are papered over, successes exaggerated, and public schools demonised. All of this to push charter schools over public schools.

Ask yourself why anyone would do this.

Who does it serve?

And my advice… follow the money.

No Better

After 9 years, only 4 of the 107 schools taken over by the Recovery School District and made into charters are above the state average.

No Choice

Now parents have to enter a lottery for a school place and hope for the best. Their children can be bused all over the city. One mother is reported to have 5 children in 5 different schools. She did not choose this. The system forced it upon her.

Who Does Charterisation Serve?

Charterisation has not brought choice or improvement. Nothing has improved. The promise of a better system was a lie. The promise of choice was a lie. The only people to benefit here are those running the charter schools.

Watch This

A Perfect Storm: The Takeover of New Orleans Public Schools reveals the real story behind the creation of the USA’s first all-charter school district.

Part 1

Part 2

A Perfect Storm Episode 2: The Illusion of Choice from Phoebe Ferguson on Vimeo.

“The lie is simply this: ‘We want you to have choice….  But we are going to

set the parameters of the choice and then convince you you have it’.”

~ Steve Monaghan, President, L.A. Federation of Teachers

Selling charter schools as the great hope while all the time undermining public schools should act as a red flag to parents.

Again, ask yourself why anyone would do this and who it serves.

~ Dianne

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One thought on “Charter School reforms just one big con

  1. So glad you posted our first video on ed reforms in New Orleans. Here is a link to the newest video on School Choice going live today. The quote under thie video you posted is from the new video, fyi. You can also see it on Opportunity to Learn website This is a great site for info on public education.


    Posted by New Orleans Education Equity Roundtable | February 20, 2015, 7:07 am

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