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Terrible school? It’s okay, just go for a rebrand…

disguiseBy anyone’s measure, Te Kura Hourua ki Whangaruru had a bad first year.  The Northland charter school was plagued with problems – staff, buildings, pupils, drugs, you name it. Even the principal sounds mortified.

Given charter schools have been touted as the cure for all ills, this school has become something of an embarrassment.

But that’s okay, isn’t it, because we were all assured that any charter schools failing to meet the grade would be closed quick smart…. So is Te Kura Hourua ki Whangaruru being closed down?


It’s getting a new nameTe Pumanawa O Te Wairua.

Because one thing the private sector has taught us, is that if your business is poor and is associated with low standards, all you need is a new name and logo, and bingo!

Of course, a new name does nothing to improve things for students, but it *will* make it harder for people to search on the web and find out about the many troubles the school had in its first year, and surely that’s what matters….

It’s also worth pondering what the cost of changing the name will be. New stationery, new school sign, changes to web sites and who knows what. It won’t cost the cool $20 Million that Telecom budgeted when becoming Spark, but it’s still an unnecessary cosmetic change that’s paid for by our tax dollars.  The NZ Taxpayers Union should be up in arms about it…. eh, Jordan?

Welcome to the wonderful world of the privatisation.


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