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NZ Charter Schools: All is not well in Camelot

wounded-knightCharter school knights rode in on white horses to save the day for education.

Hearty knights upon bold steeds wore yellow t shirts emblazoned with a coat of arms showing a cup of tea, an OIA request, festoons of gold and a bag of promises.

It was to be a resounding victory for the free market, the day Sir CashALot won the battle against state schools.

The workers of the land were taxed and bags of gold handed over.

Merlin reported, however, that even his finest magic – which had wrought stationery and uniforms free to all – had failed to attract enough serfs to the castles.

It seems not all knights were mighty, and not all horses properly shod.

The round table was a bit wonkey and needed something under one leg to prop it up. A roll of banknotes, perhaps.

And  in the realm of Far North, knights were battling internally. Not all were properly trained, and the serfs reported problems with gangs and drug use far in excess of the usual mead.  Of the 71 spaces at the round table, only 47 were filled.

Dark days indeed.

Despite healthy coffers and a fine coat of arms, Guinevere’s purse appeared to be full of empty promises.

It seems all is not well in Camelot.


Further reading:  Warnings for Northland Charter School – NZ Herald

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