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Be the village for Kiwi kids in need



Sometimes a cause touches your heart, and for me that is SmileDial.

SmileDial is a charity that does something special.  Kelly Dougan, SmileDial CEO explains:

“In 2011 I became the parent to a child with special needs and soon found that there was very limited support for parents and families like mine. It seemed the focus was always on the child with the special need yet mums, dads and siblings were not provided the support they required (and deserved).

I created SmileDialNZ (a registered charity) to “Support Kiwi Families Raising Kids With Special Needs” to fill this gap and provide the support so desperately required.

Since then we have supported thousands of families all over New Zealand with luxury weekends for mums and dads, home renovations, financial support, huge family events, Christmas gifts, sky diving, entertainment vouchers, airfares, specialist care and so much more totalling over $200 000 of support.”

To keep SmileDial running, funds are needed to pay Kelly. If he isn’t paid in this role, he will have to go and get another paid job – he has a family, too. But all donations to SmileDial go 100% to the families, and applications for grants have not so far secured the funds needed.

So to keep SmileDial helping people on the scale it does, a wages fund has been set up and a cash giveaway competition has been entered which has the potential to win them $5k or $10k.

How is SOSNZ Helping?

Well, SOSNZ has no money, but I have plenty of ingenuity, so I’m hiring myself out to friends in my community and they are paying my ‘wages’ to SmileDial. So far I’m booked for gardening, garage clearing, babysitting, cleaning, cooking, driving, and to go have coffee with someone!

And all the money I earn is paid straight to SmileDial, to Kelly’s wages fund, so he can continue the great work.

How can you help?

Easy! You can help by voting for them in the Jenian Homes cash giveaway. With a click of the mouse, you’ll be helping them towards winning $5k or $10k – money they desperately need to keep going.

So please do you bit –  just click and vote – it’s really that easy.

Oh, and share to get others voting, please.

Another way to help…

Also, if you are able to make a donation or set up a standing order (no matter how small), please make it to:

Acct name: SmileDial

Acct #: 03-1700-0623377-000

Reference: Wages

Other ref: SOSNZ

It takes a village, and that village is us.

Thank you, Dianne

Pssst – please remember to do you bit –  click and vote 

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

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