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Charter School secrets

For a party that espouses “individual freedom, personal responsibility” ACT isn’t half quick to hide behind a job title, eh?

 “The under-secretary position means Seymour will not be subject to questions in the House. It appears he will not be subject to the Official Information Act also.”  (1)

So now the charter schools saga will be *even more* secretive.  Ask yourself this – if it’s truly such a great idea, why would government want or need to hide the facts?

Also bear in mind that the little we have found out about the charter schools currently running has largely been through Official Information Act (OIA) requests regarding Ministry and the Minister.  It’s already a mare to get information directly about a charter school, because they are businesses and so not subject to the same openness that state schools are.

Seymour thinks

“charter schools had a huge potential to increase educational achievement. “We need to bed the policy in and make sure it keeps running well.””

But as yet we have not one solitary report, analysis or piece of research explaining why ACT has such faith in charter schools.  Nothing.  Just a closed door and more secrecy.

What’s the secret?

What is it about charter schools that will make such a difference?  No-one’s said.

How will they achieve this?  Hmmm…. nothing from the Working Group or Ministry or the Minister or Seymour on that.

top secretWhat can a charter school do for students that the same school couldn’t do as a state school?  Nope, no-one’s explained that mystery, either.

Can you show that charter schools are spending the tax money they get to the best effect for students?  Actually, they don’t have to show that.

Are the staff there well qualified?  Don’t have to tell you that.

How many students with special educational needs are they catering for?  Don’t have to tell you that, either.

Double Standard

In fact, they don’t have to tell the parents or taxpayers much of anything, and since they don’t have to have a community-based Board of Trustees, they can work behind closed doors.

Much better from the schools’ points of view to stay quiet and rely on The Herald and other on-side media outlets to spin stories based on PR.

Funny how working behind closed doors and a wall of silence is okay for charter schools, isn’t it?

Can you imagine the fuss if a state school refused to be open about how it operates and who it teaches?

So I ask again, if charter schools are truly such a great addition to the system, why all the secrecy?

~ Dianne


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