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More “consultation”, Parata style – testing Y9/10s

in good faith - Hekia Parata - Inigo MontoyaHekia Parata this morning announced that teachers have been asking for national testing for year 9 and 10 students.

It was reported on Stuff this morning that “Hekia Parata says she has spoken to the profession about a need for a “common assessment picture for years 9 and 10” and, while any model would need to be “fully discussed”, the profession agreed it was needed.”

This came as something of a surprise to many…

You would think that perhaps the union representing high school teachers would at least have been consulted…

“Post-Primary Teachers’ Association president Angela Roberts said she had never made the minister aware that an assessment tool was needed for years 9 and 10” reports Stuff.


So not the PPTA, then?

Wait, what about the Secondary Principals’ Association?  I bet they were consulted…

“president Tom Parsons said there was no need for 13 and 14-year-olds to be tested at the moment and, if anything, students were “over-tested”


So not SPA, either.


Nope, in fact they were all a bit stunned when I asked for feedback this morning.


They say they have it covered and assess students plenty, thank you.

So, in summation, this news came as a surprise to teachers, unions, education bloggers, pundits and, well, everyone.  In fact, just who these teachers that have been asking for this testing are, is anybody’s guess.

Over to you, Hekia.


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