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The great charter school quiz: funding edition (aka Tax Dollar Grab)

Okay, it’s going to be tricky, because the answers don’t make any kind of sense and might lead to migraines or turn you to drink, but give the quiz a go anyway:



Q: Which type of school is paid even when the pupils leave or are never enrolled?

A: Charter schools.

Note – State schools are funded per pupil – lose the pupil, lose the funding.

“A rural Northland charter school that has cost taxpayers $2.4 million this year, has only 48 students enrolled, despite the fact it is funded for a minimum of 71 students.” Source 


Q2Q: Which type of school is given money to set up and can spend it on buildings and/or land and then, if it closes, can keep the land and/or buildings?

A: Charter schools.

Note – State schools never own their buildings, and so do not and cannot walk off with millions of your tax payers’ dollars.

“The Ministry of Education confirmed if Te Kura Hourua ki Whangaruru closes, the school has no legal obligation to return the land, funded with $620,000 of taxpayer money, to the Government.” Source 


Tell me again what great value for money these schools are….?

~ Dianne


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2 thoughts on “The great charter school quiz: funding edition (aka Tax Dollar Grab)

  1. I hope you researched and interviewed the school in question also. Maori are always dealing with negative press and I would hate to think that you were like NZ media and only reporting one side of the story. Yes, charter school policy may allow such things as over funding and mis use of tax payer funds but I would hate to see the damning of those schools who took up the charter school funding for purposes they believe to be helpful to their community. As you say in another article ” educate yourself, inform yourself and talk with a range of people”.


    Posted by Tricia | September 24, 2014, 7:52 am
    • My requests for information have been totally unanswered, as have others’ requests. I want to be clear, though, that I have no reason to doubt the intention of the people setting up the initial charter schools. Their motives may be honourable, and I have no evidence to the contrary. What I doubt is government motives for charterisation of the system rather than supporting the schools already in place, which are working on a shoestring and see little in the way of support let alone money. What I also doubt are the charter groups eyeing us up from overseas, many of whom have a diabolical reputation. And I am yet to see any proof or any report that outlines how charter schools are meant to achieve their goals and why any such goals are deemed impossible in state schools. The simple fact is, there is an ideological drive towards privatisation, despite Treasury’s own advice that private schools do no better than state schools when socio-economic factors are controlled for. The blame for this is firmly at the government’s door, not the schools’.


      Posted by Dianne - SaveOurSchoolsNZ | September 26, 2014, 10:07 am

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