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Dirty politics: but then most of us knew from education that our prime minister was a liar, a cheat, and a bully


I’ve just finished the book. It is a nightmare. This is not dirty politics as in politics as usual; it is dirty politics as in politics most unusual. National and its supporters come across as Cullen’s ‘rich pricks’ with a huge sense of entitlement. They are revealed as considering themselves above the law, beyond democratic norms. Nothing like this in New Zealand’s history comes close to being comparable. This is truly horrific. Nicky Hager suggested that political corruption in the Muldoon era was worse – no it wasn’t, not by a long chalk. In this posting I intend to concentrate on the political and social corruption exposed in the Cameron Slater e-mails – leaving its extension into education to another posting.  For apologists to say Labour did it too, is absurd – which political period would that be?

That this has occurred, is occurring, in New Zealand is horrific enough…

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