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You have until 5pm this Friday (August 15th) to vote in your school on whether to:

  • enter negotiations to try to change the IES teacher and principal roles so they are more in line with our quality public education goals


  • reject the IES and work to convince the government to start again – and this time listen to parents and teachers about where this investment would be best spent to improve educational outcomes for all our tamariki.


Ballots are being held by NZEI worksite reps in each school this week. 

Background information on what the IES may mean for you and your school, including quick videos (below) to bring you up to speed on the issues.


NZEI’s IES videos can be viewed here:








  • Please talk to your NZEI worksite rep TODAY if you have not heard anything about a ballot in your school. Ask them to set up a staff meeting urgently to conduct the vote, which is by individual secret ballot.
  • If you do not have a worksite rep, get together with your primary teacher member colleagues to nominate a scrutineer to collate and conduct a secret ballot. Make sure the scrutineer enters their name and your school voting results online. The link for the online form and all the background material and voting papers are on at the NZEI website
    NB: You cannot make an individual vote online (survey monkey). Only one collated vote from each school will be counted.
  • If you are a reliever, please contact the worksite rep at the school you are working at this week, or at the school you most recently worked in to arrange to vote.
  • If you are a resource teacher, please vote with your cluster.  Contact your cluster worksite rep to arrange this.

If you have any queries, please email or call 0800 NZEI HELP.

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