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Great feedback for Nigel Latta’s education doco

Nigel LattaIn case you missed it, here is Nigel Latta’s programme on New Zealand schools.  It’s well worth watching:


Feedback via SOSNZ’s facebook page was very positive, with people glad to see our schools shown positively and the great things that happen every day being discussed.

People were also very pleased (and sometimes surprised) to see John Hattie saying positive about the school system.

Here’s some of the feedback:

“He understood the broad curriculum and the way that Nat Standards do not reflect how far the kids have come, but he assumed we still need and support them. I loved how he showed that there is no real crisis in NZ schools or teaching, just one manufactured to bash unions, undermine public confidence and push their privatisation agenda…”


“It was good to see an honest account of what is happening at school. And a relief to see the work we do in the classroom in such a positive light.”


“It was disappointing that not much mention was made about the threats to all this good stuff that s happening. The real message, if indeed a message was trying to be shared, was that schools are working hard and well despite this current governments best attempts at stuffing it all up.”


“Great! Highlighted the level of expertise teachers have in today’s modern world…. and nice to hear a pros list about the use of technology in education.”


“Really illustrated the generation gap between how things were in ‘our day’ and how they are now. Provided lots of reassurances for any parents struggling with this.”


“…it showed many things parents struggle to understand. The passion of teachers, narrowness of NS [National Standards], and dinosaur decile ratings ! 100 countries are behind NZ despite the scare tactic NZ is behind!”


“…interesting to see how teaching and its application have changed.”


“I’m surprised GERM[Global Education Reform Movement] wasn’t mentioned. Missed opportunity to raise public awareness of the biggest threat to education.”

Morte feedback can be read on the SOSNZ facebook page,.

Watch it – it’s very good.



~ Dianne




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One thought on “Great feedback for Nigel Latta’s education doco

  1. One thing totally missing was the corporate take over of technology in schools, software/hardware within schools needs to be democratic – open source. When it’s basically 3 (American) companies providing the software (and much of the hardware through poor labour practices in the 3rd world) its a massive problem that most don’t see or want to see.

    In the show a local learning network was mentioned for a school in a poor neighbourhood at a cost of 4 million, it sounds good but.. UGH what a waste how many locals will be employed? Or is the money going to go to multinationals and the other side of town?

    Local secondary kids could create a mesh network, then use the schools servers to serve an LMS such as moodle but is probably better as it can do more?

    And the cost well not 4 million unless you did the smart thing and invest that 4 million in creating a few well paying jobs for locals to manage the network but honestly secondary schools kids that like to code could easily manage it but we can’t have that, that’ll teach’em something about being civic minded..

    Imagine all the thieving and stealing of corporate IP if we had open networks — all those twerking videos.. Oh right that’s what they want too do OWN the networks so they can steal any teachers or students IP… And package it on jstor and the like so it isn’t easy to find and costs (money and lives)…

    You really should have a address with a cms/crm installed as you need more than a blog.

    Rant over 🙂


    Posted by Campbell | August 7, 2014, 12:11 am

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