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Tony Ryall insults Kiwi teachers in his valedictory speech

Tony Ryall MPNational MP, Tony Ryall, in his valedictory speech last week, managed to insult every teacher in Aotearoa with this nasty comment:

“The Prime Minister also gave me the job as Minister of Health. I have got to say this has been the best job in the Government. You work with quality people every day who are dedicated to the welfare of New Zealanders. I wake up most mornings and I turn to my wife and say: “Ugh, imagine being Minister of Education.””

Oh what a wag – how I laughed….

Strangely enough, he didn’t mention anything about the fact that those same quality people have just voted to strike.

12,000 of them.

They are totally fed up of being underfunded, underpaid and treated like door mats.

Just like teachers, in fact

Bye Tony, I’d like to say you’ll be missed, but ….






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One thought on “Tony Ryall insults Kiwi teachers in his valedictory speech

  1. This is representative of the general attitude towards teachers that is being fostered by this government. As a secondary teacher, who every day witnesses my colleagues doing an incredible job despite all kinds of issues (class sizes, lack of support staff, lack of adequate pastoral care, demands to raise ‘achievement’), I find this deeply ignorant and offensive. What a stupid man.


    Posted by Left Side Story | August 4, 2014, 10:22 pm

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