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Charter schools, competition and choice, New Orleans Style

oneappNew Orleans’ Recovery School District is the first in the USA to become 100% charter schools.

To apply for a school place, parents must use the OneApp system.  Before that system was introduced, parents had to send in individual applications to all the schools they were interested in, and then hope.  The OneApp system was brought in to make things easier and prevent any “funny business” taking place regarding who got what place.

Sadly, it’s not all gone to plan.

Parents interviewed by the Nola Defender, were not happy at all:  “Yesterday, I got there at 7am and by 10, they told me to go home because there was already 300 people inside and they couldn’t take anymore,” she said. “Today, I got here at 8 and it took me about 4 hours to get this done.”

And it’s not exactly improved choice, despite reformers’ constant battle cry that charter schools and reforms are ALL about choice.  One mother finally got her children “into a school on the West Bank, despite the fact that they reside on the East Bank.”   In fact, after days of queueing, no toilets, no shade, and pure frustration “at this point, most parents are simply settling for any school that their children can attend despite being told that they have a choice in placement with the open enrolment policy.”

This from Karran Harper Royal:

This week we saw major problems with the RSD’s One App system.

Contrary to popular belief, most parents were not in that line simply because they waited too long to apply for a school for their child. What we saw can also be attributed to the state takeover our our public school system and place it into control of people who don’t have to answer to the people of New Orleans through our democratic process.

Due to the takeover, parents no longer have a right to a public school and must apply to have a seat in any school.

New families moving to New Orleans who may have completely unaware that they needed to start the process months ago were also among those in the lines.

Giving children a guaranteed right of first refusal to schools in their neighborhood is one way to remove the angst and stress families face in applying to schools.

This does not mean students would be trapped in failing schools, after all, we now have fewer failing schools if you believe what the current propaganda is telling you. Isn’t this why the RSD keeps closing schools, to get rid of failing schools. This means children have a greater chance of going to a non failing school in their neighborhood.

This short 5:42 documentary [below] shows you how all of this got started. 


When it comes to competition and choice, charter schools are failing New Orleans’ Recovery School District, just as they are when it comes to improving education.

But of course, someone came out of it okay…. those running the schools.

Go figure.


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3 thoughts on “Charter schools, competition and choice, New Orleans Style

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  2. So glad you posted our first video on ed reforms in New Orleans. Here is a link to the newest video on School Choice going live today. The quote under thie video you posted is from the new video, fyi. You can also see it on Opportunity to Learn website This is a great site for info on public education.


    Posted by New Orleans Education Equity Roundtable | February 20, 2015, 7:00 am


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