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Charter Schools and Privatisation: It’s not about school choice

no choice

Reformers tell you charter schools are all about choice, right?

So, where’s the choice in England where schools are being FORCED against community wishes to become Academies (their version of charter schools)?

  • “The policy of forced conversion has led to a number of high profile battles, such as Downhills Primary in north London and Roke Primary in Croydon, which both opposed the move. Both schools were eventually taken over by the Harris Federation.” (1)

Where’s the choice in New Orleans’ Recovery District, now ALL schools there are charters and students are allocated a school place by lottery?

  • “Of the Recovery School District’s 600 employees, 510 will be out of a job by week’s end. All 33,000 students in the district must apply for a seat at one of the 58 public charter schools, relying on a computerized lottery to determine placement.” (2)

And what about in New Zealand?

  • One of Government’s six assessment areas for charter schools scheduled to open at the beginning of next year is “schools based in areas of roll growth”.

In other words, where a public school would have opened there could now be a charter school in its place. (4)

New Zealand charter schools are sneakily being proposed INSTEAD OF public schools.

Your choice?

Now look again at your local primary school and ask yourself how happy you will be further down the line when it is forcibly made into a charter school.

About as happy as the parents and school governors fighting tooth and nail to prevent is in England, I imagine.

“Roger Sahota, one of the deposed governors, claimed that the results were emphatic. “We conducted a ballot[of students’ parents] in the aftermath of the head’s resignation. We found 147 against academy status, 14 for and five didn’t know,” he said.” (3)

Choice?  Nope.

Privatisation of the state system by stealth?  Indeed.

NZ, beware of what is to come.


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