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Charter School Arrogance versus the Public Interest – QPEC

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The release yesterday of the parties interested in establishing a charter school has, yet again, signalled an utter contempt for the public interest, says QPEC (Quality Public Education Coalition)

Only last year, Ombudsman Professor Ron Paterson ruled that a more informed public discourse about the creation of such schools is in the public interest.

In particular, the Ombudsman stated:

“I do not accept the Ministry’s position that later disclosure of the information at issue will satisfy that public interest. Disclosure after the Minister has taken decisions on the applications may serve the public interest in accountability, but it would not satisfy the public interest in the public being informed, and being able to participate in the debate, about the creation of partnership schools prior to those decisions being taken.” [emphasis added]

Yesterday the Ministry of Education named the parties who have lodged applications to run a charter school.

It also released the minutes of a meeting held by the “Partnership Schools Authorisation Board” held on 5 February 2014. It contained the timetable for evaluating second round applications, which closed on 11 March.

Disturbingly, it is clear that applications have been evaluated, shortlisted and clarified all behind closed doors. Shortlisted applicants were scheduled to be interviewed during the week of 12 to 16 May.

Once again, there is no opportunity for any public engagement with the Authorisation Board and no chance for those affected by the opening of a new charter school to have their say.

In contrast, in many jurisdictions in the USA, charter school applications are subject to far greater scrutiny. For example, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education requires public hearings in the areas where charter schools are proposed to be located and invites written submissions from the public on shortlisted applicants.

This example is streets ahead of the secrecy and lack of accountability that has characterised the introduction of this ideology in New Zealand.

It shows an utter contempt for the democratic process and the right of the public to have a say in how their considerable funds are being spent.


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4 thoughts on “Charter School Arrogance versus the Public Interest – QPEC

  1. How do we access a copy of this list?


    Posted by Ken | May 23, 2014, 2:06 pm
  2. The organisations are:
    Algoritmi Educational Trust
    Auckland City Training School
    City Impact Education Trust
    Creators Collaborative Trust
    Davidic Centre Trust
    He Puna Marama Trust
    Manukau Christian Charitable Trust
    Manukau Urban Māori Authority Inc
    Nga Kākano o te Kaihanga Trust
    Pathways in Education – New Zealand Charitable Trust
    Pearl of the Islands Foundation Inc (PIF)
    Rocket Community School Trust
    Te Kohao Health Ltd
    The Corelli National School of the Arts
    The Niu Pacific Information Trust Board
    The Pacific Peoples Advancement Trust (PPAT)
    Upper Valley Education Trust
    Villa Education Trust
    Whakawa tea Kaporeihana


    Posted by Dianne Khan | May 23, 2014, 6:27 pm
  3. Hi everyone, I believe some of these schools have been short listed now, does anyone know which ones? Thankyou


    Posted by M palethorpe | May 29, 2014, 3:35 pm


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