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What’s the big problem with charter schools?

dollar deskIs it really that bad to have a few charter schools?  Can a handful really be a problem?  Why not just let them be, and go fight other battles?

Well, some days I do feel like giving up the ghost and letting government bring in more and more charters.  Battling Goliath is sometimes more than a bit wearisome for a little David such as myself.  But here’s why I fight on, and why you should, too.

Because charter schools do not improve the education system – in fact some are the worse schools in the country.

Charter schools take a disproportionate amount of funds from the education budget, like here for example.

Charter schools lead to increased racial segregation.

Charter schools are about privatisation of the education system, not about improvement.

The trouble is, the whole charter movement starts small and relatively uncontroversial which means people are easily swayed by the promises of great schools and a better education for students, but before you know it, it descends into this and this and this and this and this and this … oh the list goes on.

And who is behind all of these reforms?  You should read How billionaire-funded ‘ed reform’ groups push charters, vouchers to learn just how rich fat cats buy up politicians’ votes and push through the reforms they want.  They want you to think they are fighting for a better education system, but the truth of the matter is they can and do make a lot of money out of charterisation, and the public is being sold a line. And sold out.

This interview on MSNBC news sums it up perfectly

Education should not be about siphoning off the tax dollar to companies like Pearson and KIPP.  Money is in short enough supply, and as much as possible should go to resources and good teachers, not for profits and administrators.

Charters are not the way forward.

Our students deserve a hell of a lot better.

Sources and further reading:

GCSE shame of ‘flagship’ academies as it is revealed six of the Coalition’s schools are among the country’s worst

charter schools dividing communities since1991300

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