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WE have got to fix it

When hard-working students are blocked at every turn, and good people are fighting hard for them but getting nowhere… when that happens, the system is broken.  The Global Education Reform Movement (GERM) has broken so many school systems and ruined the chances of so many students.  It’s happening worldwide.

This from Humans of New York:

“Let me tell you what’s happening to me. I’m on the PTA at my child’s school, the Secondary School of Journalism in Park Slope. I’m currently advocating on behalf of my child, and seventeen other children whose parents don’t speak English. These kids are from Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, everywhere.

AnnetteThese kids have all done very well on their Regent’s exams– I’m talking 90/95th percentile. Very smart kids. They were on their way toward qualifying for an Advanced Regents government scholarship,that would give their parents badly needed money to help in their education. But the fine print of that scholarship says the children need three full years of a foreign language. 

And the principal at the school FIRED the Spanish teacher. She is not hiring another foreign language teacher for an entire year, effectively disqualifying all these kids from that scholarship they need. When we try to talk with her about it, she acts like she doesn’t owe us an explanation. When we try to call the Board of Education, they tell us to put it in writing. They get us all excited. They have us think if we write a nice letter, and use good grammar, and use all the correct punctuation, something will happen. Meanwhile another year passes, and nothing. And the kids don’t get their scholarship. You know something like this would never happen at a nice Manhattan school like Stuyvesant.

We’ve got a new mayor and a new chancellor. So we aren’t blaming them. But they need to know how impossible they’ve made it to help our kids. Trying to get something fixed in these schools is like praying to some false God. You call and email hoping that God is listening, and nothing happens. Meanwhile the kids suffer.

All these parents that I’m representing are good, simple people. They say: ‘Don’t worry Annette, God is going to fix it. God will make it right.’ I love them. And I love God. But I tell them: ‘God won’t fix it! We’ve got to fix it!‘”

The school’s own mission statement says:

We envision our school as a community of learners where all constituencies, students, staff and parents are actively engaged in the process of learning. We strive to achieve academic excellence for our diverse population of active learners. The mission of theSecondary School for Journalism is to provide a comprehensive college preparatory and career exploration program for all students in a nurturing environment.

I would suggest the school principal starts to look at that mission and put it into practice so that these students stand a chance of getting the scholarships they have worked so hard for and so richly deserve.

Do not let the Global Education Reform Movement (GERM) get a hold on your education system.

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