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Whangarei Boys High School says no to charter school students

Stop Press: Whangarei Boys High School Board of Trustees has said no to taking charter school students in for some courses.

I am thrilled. There is no good reason to support a system that is being put in place to undermine and shut down quality public education in the long term.

Well done PPTA for your work on this, and well done to the school board for making the best decision for public school education overall.

Now I want to see NZEI promise to do the same as PPTA and say publicly that they too support a full boycott of charter schools.

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2 thoughts on “Whangarei Boys High School says no to charter school students

  1. As a new parent to Whangarei Boys High School I attended their Education Forum meeting on Monday night. The issue of support for Te Kura Hourua o Whangarei Terenga Paraoa was not raised so I approached the Principal at the end of the evening and asked him about this directly. He suggested I email the Board Chairperson and said the school was going through a consultation phase. After not having a clue what that meant I emailed the chair. He said a statement would me made by next weeks board meeting. However today all parents received a letter which basically says that due to PPTA and teacher pressure the school will not provide specialist teacher assistance to the Kura Hourua. I am stoked! The letter also said that the request was only for 4-5 students so they might as well just enrol at boys high and join the other 1195 boys then!


    Posted by Jo | February 19, 2014, 9:27 pm
    • Yea, it’s not really fair if the charter school kids come to a class and take up teacher time – that teacher time is time that the state school kids should have had. The school may get paid to have those kids but the state school kids don’t get compensated for the teacher time they lost out on.

      It may be a winner for the charter school kids because they get a lesson they might otherwise miss out on but it’s at the expense of the state schools kids. And the state school kids are already getting less resources than the charters school kids anyway.

      It has all sorts of nasty ramifications because it has the potential to set up a two-teir system – the teachers may get pressured to devote more time to the charter schools kids because the charter school is “paying” for their time.


      Posted by mpledger | February 21, 2014, 11:25 am

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