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Hekia Parata, why we are #NOTinspiredbyU

Where to start.

parata-haircut-1200After all the insults and belittling, the mistrust and deviousness, you want us to write in to the  inspiredbyU web site  about how our teachers inspired us so you can show off at an international festival of education that most teachers have had no part in whatsoever and haven’t even heard about.  The nerve.

The joke is, if people do want to post an entry to it, the inspiredbyU web site doesn’t even work properly.  After the first page, the layout overlaps so that the posts cannot be read.  It’s not fit for purpose. Did you learn nothing after Novopay?  (Update, as of the morning of Feb 12th 2014 the site alayout appears to be mended, for Windows 8 at least.)

I am very much inspired by many teachers I have had and have seen in my career.  However, I am sure many of those same teachers  are #NOTinspiredbyU, Hekia …

I am #NOTinspiredbyU when I hear you insulting teachers.

No predermined outcome - Parata - TuiCanterbury schools who were subject to consultation that “failed to meet the requirements of the Education Act” were certainly #NOTinspiredbyU and are, in fact, still #distressedbyU.

And I am darned well sure Salisbury School staff, parents and students were #NOTinspiredbyU when you tried to unlawfully close them and were only stopped by a legal judgement.  A shameful moment, for sure.

I am guessing that Education Secretary Lesley Longstone was #NOTinspiredbyU, given that she quit faster than a rat leaving a sinking ship.

Teachers who are told on one hand they may soon need a Masters degree to teach and told on the other hand that a 6 week course will do are #NOTinspiredbyU …

Parents of special needs students who cannot get any help or find support suddenly changed or gone are #NOTinspiredbyU when they are told there is no help at all for their child despite the much trumpeted wraparound service.

Novopay protest 20130305 3Staff waiting to be paid the correct wages, get the correct sick leave entitlements and so on are #NOTinspiredbyU or by Talent2 at all.

Parents, teachers and academics unimpressed with the farce that is National Standards are #NOTinspiredbyU.

The 2000+ people who submitted against charter schools just to have their submissions ignored were most likely #NOTinspiredbyU …

Wow, the list goes on.

And it’s not just me that is #NOTinspiredbyU

Here’s what one teacher told SOSNZ sent in to #inspiredbyU, and which I am sharing because we are fairly sure it won’t see the light of day on the official #inspiredbyU website:

Thank you Hekia Parata, for being such a hypocrite. You launch this website after three years of having no respect for teachers or schools. How dare you say you are celebrating teachers? This feels like a slap in the face. Do you think the teaching profession will just forget how you have denigrated them, refusing to acknowledge their concerns about National Standards and introducing Novopay when it had not been tested, leaving many, many teachers and school staff members out of pocket. You are delusional if you think that this website will make up for how you have treated my profession. There are many teachers that I would like to actually thank, that worked to help improve the lives of their students DESPITE their treatment by the National Government.

So yes, we have all been inspired by amazing teachers.

But, Hekia Parata, we are most certainly #NOTinspiredbyU.

I love my public school

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One thought on “Hekia Parata, why we are #NOTinspiredbyU

  1. Dear Dianne,

    Your blog is_the _real inspiration in the political landscape.

    Keep the good work up. Well done.

    Kind regards

    Gunther Hammer


    Posted by Gunther Hammer | March 16, 2014, 10:53 pm

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