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Education sector reactions to Key’s announcement

questionThis clip from 3 news sums up well the positives and the concerns with today’s announcement from John Key regarding new money for some in education. It’s worth watching – only 2-3 minutes, but a good summary.

The concerns and questions voiced most often by educators at the conference and on social media so far have been:

  • no acknowledgement of role of poverty in under achievement, and nothing to address that issue
  • incentivising some educators and not others leads to less collaboration and more ‘gaming the system’ – a divisive move
  • many noted that good and experienced teachers more often leave because teaching is no longer joyful, not because they want more money
  • worries about the Change Principals – who will appoint them, what happens to the incumbent principal (sacked?), and who decides what constitutes a failing school?  (Already today I have heard 2 radio commentators talking about these principals going in to ‘rescue low decile schools’ – as if decile is a clear indicator of success or failure.)
  • Many are confused as to why the Ministry fought NZEI so hard against specialist lead teachers in the collective bargaining negotiations, and yet today more and higher paid lead teachers were announced today – why the sudden change of stance on that?  What’s going on?
  • No extra money for schools – all for individuals
  • Nothing for special needs students or special needs professional development.

I will give the last word to a teacher :

“:…give the money to schools rather than individuals! Aren’t there enough programmes and p.d in place..we already have senior teachers / units for lead teachers etc…what we dont have is enough money to do the best we can in a day to day running of a classroom…resources…assessment time….how about spending that money $360M on fixing/removing nat standards?? Ohhh maybe even take a good look at nomore woops novopay? Just a thought….”

What are your thoughts?  Are there any other questions or observations you would like to add?

~ Dianne

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