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Untrained Teachers Wanted For Failing School

This is how it goes: the government trumpets a new-fangled fabulous school system, throw money at it, the schools themself say how great they are, and then they are found to be failing.  Not just doing okay, but failing.

This is what people are fearful will happen in New Zealand, with charter schools,

The South Leeds Academy in England is an example of where it can all go wrong. The charity running the school says it has “a proven track record of securing transformational change and sustainable school improvement”.  However, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Schools Lord Nash lambasted the school for its “unacceptably low standards of performance of pupils”.

But maybe they are going to up their game?

Well it’s not looking promising, because to add insult to injury, after they were found to be failing, they advertised for two new maths teachers with this as their criteria:

unqualified maths teachers

Yes, that’s right – apparently all you need to teach maths to high school students is a GCSE (equivalent to NCEA1).  This is to teach students who you would hope to gain higher than NCEA1 in maths.  Huh?

And sadly this is evident in many charter schools, free schools, academies, or whatever you want to call them, worldwide.  It happens in the USA, in Britain, in Sweden.

Those pushing to allow unqualified teachers argue they are for the benefit of students.  Yet the Stanford University report Inequality in Teaching and Learning states that “The fact that the least-qualified teachers typically end up teaching the least-advantaged students is particularly problematic.”

Observers note that allowing unqualified staff is not about getting “top professionals such as engineers to become teachers [but] about teaching on the cheap.”

Now tell me again we have nothing to worry about…






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