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NZ charter schools – should we just get over it and run with it?

Kelvin Smythe’s satirical piece on the impending NZ charter schools hits the nail firmly on the head.  

With a wink of the eye and a nod of the head he remarks that “Sometimes people ask, what about the children, what is in it for them? I reply: smell the coffee, this about things far more important than children; this is about ideology, power, and money, this is about appearance and politics – this is about education 21st century style, get with it or get run over.

Here is Kelvin’s excellent piece:

In many ways New Zealand primary education has just had a close escape.


If it hadn’t been for the excellent charter school policy introduced by the courageous National government, the greedy money demands by the bloated public education sector might have reached an utterly relentless and undeniable crescendo. With charter schools soon to be in place, the government can now divert that money to really worthwhile education ends as well as undertaking a transformational exercise in open and transparent 21st century democracy, a perfect fit with other such exercises as the GCSB bill, recent social welfare, electoral, industrial, environmental, and education reform legislation, also the asset sales process.


We have gone from the Orwellian Nannygate under Labour to a democratic heaven-on-earth Pearlygate under National; from Helen Clark as Helengrad to John Key as Mandela Key.


At a lower level of discourse, charter schools also have the purpose of remedying the one-in-five failures, the result of inefficient primary school teaching, with especial attention to Maori and Pasifika children. I think you will agree the final four will make terrific headway in this respect.


Charter schools should be seen as a culmination and triumph of Western philosophical thought. My mind goes back to Thomas Aquinas and his cardinal virtues, honesty being the uppermost; and Descartes with his – I think, therefore I am, which has been further developed by John Banks to I forget, therefore I’m not, which brings a whole lot more depth and mystification to Descartes’ initial philosophical foray.

Read the rest of Kelvin’s post here:

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