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National Standards: Vapours, Hot Air and Coercion, from today’s The Daily Blog

From my piece in today’s The Daily Blog:

John Key is adamant that there isn’t much resistance to National Standards any more, saying that last year “there were about 300 non-complying schools, this year it’s only 13.”  He trumpets that “resistance to National Standards is evaporating.”

As one observer noted “How can there be [resistance]?  The govt has the ability to overide schools with the strong arm of the law – schools at the end of the day have no choice.”

Because what Mr Key  doesn’t tell you in his sound-bite is that schools have all along been, at best, coerced to comply, and at worst, threatened with reprisals by the Ministry of Education if they do not comply with National Standards.

That is why many have had to back down.

Not approval or acceptance, but bullying and fear.

Read the rest here.

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One thought on “National Standards: Vapours, Hot Air and Coercion, from today’s The Daily Blog

  1. Absolutely true. My Board and I would never have backed down on Nat Standards if it hadn’t been for the treats that went with non compliance.
    These included have a statutory manager assigned to our school.


    Posted by Kelvin Woodley | June 30, 2013, 9:56 pm

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