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A week is a long time in activism

Well, they say that a week is a long time in politics (and I think Julia Gillard would agree).  But it’s a new dawn and a new era, and I think the term needs a little updating:

A week is a long time in activism

A long, long time ago – say, a whole week ago, teachers all over the world were fighting against the global education reform movement (GERM) in their own ways.  Protests, strikes, opting out of testing, resignations, blogging, writing to government, you name it.  They were doing a great job, trying to put some sanity back into the education arena.

But this week a new kid arrived on the activist block; The Badass Teacher.


A movement formed right before our eyes

Started as a Facebook group to unite American teachers from across the country, the page has grown in just five days to 17,700 members* with a goodly handful of international members, myself included.

They have already coordinated a phone in campaign to the Whitehouse.  Meet-ups are planned for the coming weekend.  It’s early days, but a movement is forming right before our eyes.

Are you a Badass Teacher?

Some people are unsure if BAT is for them, but it’s easy to check if you would belong.

You’re a Badass Teacher if you want:

  • authentic teaching and learning in schools
  • education free from political and corporate lunacy
  • education that focuses on children and recognising the many and varied spaces those children are in, mentally, physically and educationally
  • to stop the demonisation of educators
  • to include educators and community honestly and fairly when making decisions about education
  • more than anything, for children to be cherished as individuals not data points

In short, Badass Teachers Association gives voice to every teacher who refuses to be blamed for the failure of our society to erase poverty and inequality through education.

Oh, and there are Badass parents and Badass Students movements forming, too…

Bad is good

"I'm bad, and that's good."    All heroes have to get Badass sometimes.

“I’m bad, and that’s good.”
All heroes have to get Badass sometimes.

So, are you happy with how things are in education?

Or do you need to get a little Badass, too?

~ Dianne

* As at 11.54 27/6/13 New Zealand time.  By the time I have hit the publish button it will be out of date.

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