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Breaking Non-News! The Rise of Poverty and the Fall of the Middle Class Affect Schools

This from the US site At The Chalkface:

The next time you see the world’s richest corporation, Exxon Mobil,  trying to use school bashing to divert attention away from their obscene wealth, minimal tax rate, job export plan, and climate change denial positions, be reminded of the other facts that help us understand what may have contributed to our international test score positions–25th in math and 17th in science.

Two things Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson doesn’t talk about:

1) we [USA] are #2 in child poverty among the world’s richest nations, just behind Romania, and the bottom quintile of test takers contribute most to the low test score comparisons (click chart to enlarge):


2) the fall of the middle class, represented below here as rankings based on median incomes (from Alternet):

via Breaking Non-News! The Rise of Poverty and the Fall of the Middle Class Affect Schools.

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