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The Ministry of Truth and student data

I recently wrote about Bill Gates’ and Rupert Murdoch’s companies collecting huge rafts of student data, querying first of all why they want the data, second, what are they doing with it, and third, why is it being handed over without parental (or student) consent?

In fact it’s handed over even when permission is expressly denied by parents…


Then I see this:


and I note that Bill Gates has been fond of handing over people’s data willy nilly for a long time.  In fact he was the first, in 2007, to sign up to PRISM and allow the US government access to all data passing through Microsoft systems.

That’s your emails, your files, by the way.

Orwell did warn us.

As Winston said:

quote marks distressedUntil they become conscious

they will never rebel,

and until after they have rebelled

they cannot become conscious.


Is it time to wake up yet?

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"One needs to be slow to form convictions, but once formed they must be defended against the heaviest odds." Gandhi


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