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SOSNZ Celebrations and Milestones – 1 Year Old

onePut on your party hat and whip out the cupcakes, Save Our Schools NZ is a year old!

One year!  It’s a mere baby, but it’s managed to make its wee mark and rally parents and educators along the way.


In that year, the blog has managed 41,000 hits!  Most people come to the page from NZ (35,000+) but they come from Australia, the USA and UK in good numbers, too, and the odd few pop in from Vanuatu, the Cayman Islands and Papua New Guinea. Kia ora, all.

The busiest day ever brought 1983 people to the blog.  I am reluctant to thank Mr Slater for that dubious honour, but it pushed us up the Google rankings and lead to more people coming after the trolls had long since left, so in the end it was all good.

Aside from the homepage, the most popular page ever is a Key/Parata Tui advert meme.  That’s followed by the humour page, and then the I’ll scratch your back… post where the National/ACT education plans were outlined.


The Facebook page has attracted 1470+ concerned followers.

The most shared and seen post to date was this …

shock horror - Hekia Christchurch


Twitter has been rather busy, too, with 548 people deciding to follow SOSNZ. That includes world-wide journalists, MPs, teachers, parents, union leaders, and a lot of fellow activists trying to fight back the tide of deform.

Listening, Sharing, Learning

I have met up with the most inspiring people in Twitter conversations, in chat, on Skype, and – lordie – in real life.  Those people have added more than I could have imagined to my learning, my drive and my commitment to fighting for fair quality public education.

The best bit?  It’s a hard pick, since I’ve met such great people, but I think the best bit was meeting with and listening to Peter O’Connor.  He’s incredibly clever, very pragmatic, and incredibly amusing.  Oh and being picked up to write for The Daily Blog and @TheChalkface, both of which are great ways to spread the word and get more people to think about the issues.

No GERMThe worst bit?  Easily the worst bit has been reporting on the Christchurch schools mergers and closures, knowing that I am sharing information that will break people’s hearts.

Most frustrating?  Watching the Education Amendment Bill pass knowing that over two thousand submissions were completely and utterly ignored.

The most fun?  Protesting in front of Hekia’s office.  Primary school teachers sure know how to sing a good song and chant a good chant.

And what for the future?  

  • Well, we will continue trying to keep you informed regarding New Zealand education and beyond.
  • We will carry on supporting innovative and whole-child teaching.
  • We will keep pushing for more professional development and even better training for teachers.
  • We will carry on shouting loudly against the Global Education Reform Movement (GERM) and its obsession with standardised testing, performance pay, privatisation, and data collection that will not improve children’s education one bit.

In short, we’ll carry on doing what we have been doing.

Thanks for joining us on the journey.  Stay strong and keep fighting – our children are worth it.


About Save Our Schools NZ

"One needs to be slow to form convictions, but once formed they must be defended against the heaviest odds." Gandhi


2 thoughts on “SOSNZ Celebrations and Milestones – 1 Year Old

  1. Good work Dianne. I’m pleased to be getting to know you through this work we have to do to get rid of the GERM!


    Posted by Melulater | June 18, 2013, 1:16 am
  2. Fantastic effort, and what Melulater said!


    Posted by Alison | June 18, 2013, 6:35 am

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