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$80 Million in new money for education? New? really?

Today Hekia Parata came out of the woodwork after a lengthy quiet period (in hiding?  Bali?  Who knows…) and took great delight in telling Kiwis that she was giving $80,000,000 of new money to schools.

She used the phrase “new money” in many a press release and interview,  and yet she herself admits that other programmes will be cut to help find the $80  Million.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know budgets mean things are cut and other things are brought in  – the money does a shuffle, new priorities appear  and so on.   But it’s just pure political pre-budget spin to keep saying it’s  “new money” as if it has been simply added to the current spend.  Luckily now every just accepts the headlines – and even some of the mainstream media (msm) questioned the spin this time.

So why pretend it is new money?

Why the constant spin?

Why the smoke and mirrors?

And why the feel-good announcement prior to the budget?

Is the full education budget announcement going to be THAT bad that they have to sweeten us up?

Heaven help us if it is, given the onslaught education has seen this past year, t’s hard to imagine it could get worse.

But then it can, and it will, with the continued debacle over National Standards and the faulty tests the results are based on, and the Charter Schools legislation about to be put through.

Can it get worse?   Yes.

And it will.

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