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Why are so many Head Teachers Resigning Worldwide?

How many good educators are we losing all over the world each week due to the GERM (Global Education Reform Movement)?  This one in NZ?  This one in the USA?  Or this bunch in the UK? Or these twelve in Iberia?

  • How many are over the excessive testing that is about data collection not about student learning?
  • Or are fed up with the wonky teacher assessment methods that negate trust in senior staff and instead bow before the altar of data points?
  • How many are just plain fed up of being bullied?
  • How many are fearful for the future of education?

Because judging students just on their scores, or weighting the scores so heavily that the students feel they are judged as people by them, is not a way to educate and grow good people.  Students should be and are tested throughout schooling, but it should be done to personalise their learning, with fast turnout and feedback, and about growth not about a line in the sand that is called The Standard.

And what about all of the factors that impinge on student learning?  How come they get so little air time from the people demanding reforms left, right and centre and insisting they only care about the kids?  Forgive my cynicism, but could it just be that there is no money to be made in solving those problems but heaps to be made in selling educational materials to panicked parents?

It is a sick world we live in where we blame teachers for the ills in our societies and don’t look at the root causes of poverty, ill health, poor homes and hopelessness that factor large  for those not achieving all they otherwise might.

Poverty does not automatically mean poorer achievement, but usually it does.  The OECD reported that “education experiences remain strongly associated with social disadvantage. In many countries there are large numbers of people with very low education levels whose family origins were impoverished and characterised by disadvantage. Whilst education can break such intergenerational cycles of disadvantage, it can also act to reinforce them: for example, if education policy is not designed with egalitarian notions in mind.”  Source (page 7).

That is the disgrace and shame of all so-called first world countries, and that is the reality many countries are facing right now, including in New Zealand.

Is that truly the country you want?  If it is, then GERM is your friend- let it run rampant and do its business all over our education system.

But if you want better for our country as a whole, then you need to say “No more”.

No to rampant global reforms in education that are far more about $$$ than they ever were about learning or improving.

Let’s get back to research-based, well-thought-out improvements for all schools that truly are about raising achievement for all.


This is not an improvement, NZ.

This is not an improvement, NZ.

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One thought on “Why are so many Head Teachers Resigning Worldwide?

  1. I am one of many teachers who have resigned from full time teaching, being fed up with the direction of education in New Zealand fast-tracked down since this Government has been in power. The constant and ill-informed, political meddling has turned my professional enjoyment, hopes and professional development dreams into a living nightmare. This private “hell”, tormented me to the point of stress-induced illness and I lived in a state of moral lethargy from which I finally awoke one day; after doing the mid-year data reports for National Standards, I went home, collapsed in a heap and balled my eyes out about how I had allowed myself to become a slave to the values of people who care nothing about critical, caring and creative thinking; who preach about improving student achievement and outcomes then promptly introduce toxic measures to ensure they are labelled as failures as early as five! I had carried the torch of hope that they would see the light and when the successive bouts of teacher and parental outrage arose where informed and professional educators did what they were trained to do and offer valid and incisive critiques of the whole mess, I thought our leaders would see sense….but what happened that dealt the final crushing blow to the shred of hope I still carried? Nothing! Deaf ears! Blind eyes! Cold shoulders and then the salt was rubbed into the wound: blatant disrespect shown to teachers and support staff and even parents by Ministerial leaders and their lackeys! Like school bullies when confronted, they denied, passed blame onto the victims, lied categorically in selfish and vain attempt to confuse and wriggle out scot-free from all responsibility and accountability for the hurt and damage they have caused. I could not in all conscience, carry on dancing to that dreadful lashing of their switch! I resigned. Novopay was their parting slap in the face!


    Posted by Dianne Simpson | May 2, 2013, 10:18 am

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