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Spreading the word, shouting from the mountains

Well ,well, my mother wouldn’t believe my voice could get louder and travel further, but it seems it can.

You can now follow my educational ponderings at The Daily Blog, New Zealand’s biggest and fastest growing daily news blog.

I am in very esteemed company, with the following new people added to an already rather astounding list:

Penny Hulse – Deputy Mayor of the Auckland SuperCity
Stuart Nash – Former Labour Party MP
Mika – Artist, performer and gay rights activist
Julie Fairey – Feminist blogger & local councillor
Matt Robson – Former Alliance MP & disarmament commentator
Harmeet Sooden – Human Rights Advocate
James Macbeth Dann – Christchurch blogger
Michael Timmins – International Human Rights Lawyer
The Jackal – Left wing political blogger
Latifa Daud (Life on Wheels) – disability rights advocate
Dianne Khan – Education Blogger at Save our Schools
The Nomad – blogging out of Africa

Keep up with what’s what – Bookmark the blog now:  The Daily Blog

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"One needs to be slow to form convictions, but once formed they must be defended against the heaviest odds." Gandhi


4 thoughts on “Spreading the word, shouting from the mountains

  1. Good morning
    I wonder if you might have a security concern? I got spammed yesterday on Facebook for the first time ever. The only different thing that I had done in the previous 24 hours was to sign up for your blog. This may be entirely coincidence but I do understand that you have been subject to some cyberattacks, especially from slimeball Cameron Slater. You might just have a check of your system. Hopefully there will be no problems.


    Posted by Ken | May 2, 2013, 8:58 am

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