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Pondering the value of good test results…

recquetSo, in a world  where your main qualifications to be the Race Relations Commissioner are that you’re good at squash at know the right people, does it really matter that much how well folk do  in tests?

I’m thinking we should tell the kids to take up sport and schmoozing, and give the rest a miss.

Just a thought.

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11 thoughts on “Pondering the value of good test results…

  1. Dianne I have read so many of your comments and mostly I think what you have to say is valuable and worthwhile . But as a woman, I would have thought you would support a female who has taken up this position to do her best for race relations. I don’t care what qualifications a person has . I admire her because she stands by her husband who suffers mental health problems, she is the mother of four sons and she is willing to speak from the heart.Let her have a chance, before you condemn, you do that in the classroom I hope. Don’t label someone , everyone can make a contribution if we support them .She speaks well and has written several articles. Condemning a person before they have had a chance is like telling a kid they have not yet attained the National Standard.


    Posted by Judy Johannessen | April 27, 2013, 9:59 pm
    • I appreciate that point of view, Judy, but having read and watched her interviews of alter she clearly has no depth of background information, no understanding of the race issues in NZ or elsewhere, and is poorly qualified for the job. That she is a good wife and mother is nothing to do with this role. Nor does her sex. I speak well and have written several articles – I could not do the job. I am not properly qualified. And no it is not at all like telling a kid they are a failure – it is like telling a kid they cannot drive a car until they know how.


      Posted by Dianne - SaveOurSchoolsNZ | April 27, 2013, 10:06 pm
  2. Dianne
    Just want to say my kids (now adults) taught me more about race relations than I ever learnt at school, college , living in many different countries or taking anthropology at uni. Children are not born with bias and are open to the world’s possibilities. Their experiences and friendships with their Maori , Laotian , Asian friends have enriched our lives and taught me more than I ever imagined. One day you may think the same thing from your little lad. Just give this mother time to get to grips with the issues. You may be surprised.


    Posted by Judy Johannessen | April 28, 2013, 10:00 pm
    • What does my or my child’s experience have to do with the ability of Dame Devoy to do her job? How utterly odd! I find your reasoning to be very strange, sorry, Judy.

      This is the point: For $200 a year for a part time job the person given the job should know how to do it from the start! Doubly so for such an important role.


      Posted by Dianne - SaveOurSchoolsNZ | April 29, 2013, 8:04 am
  3. 🙂 It really rattles me as a parent to watch ,my oldest never get academic rewards because he simply is not academic, he works really hard to make progress at school and he has made a lot of progress but progress and effort are not rewarded! yet my youngest is academic like his mum and prefers to socialise! Yet he gets noticed for great PAT results! It’s nuts, so he’s good at taking tests and naturally good at maths, reading, writing and talking but he is not making the progress his older brother has made! Mostly cos he finds school quite dull!! And the same kids every year get the academic awards at school prize giving not because they work the hardest solely cos they are naturally more academic It’s sad. 😦


    Posted by Melissa Goudie-Park | April 29, 2013, 8:51 am
  4. Diane can you describe what sort of person would make a good race relations officer, and what qualifications they would hold?


    Posted by Judy Johannessen | April 29, 2013, 11:59 am
  5. Yes I saw these programmes and it is appalling that these people didn’t even get an acknowledgement of their applications. But at the same time they stated this was not a personal attack on Susan Devoy. And that was my reason in the first place for asking you not to condemn her. She is the victim of inappropriate procedures and this was not of her own making. I wish her well in her endeavours to make a difference.
    From another slant I wonder if this appointment has been made on purpose, so it will fail, and then govt will say we don’t need a race relation officer. Wouldn’t put it past them .


    Posted by Judy Johannessen | May 3, 2013, 10:24 pm
    • Where have I attacked her? Can you read? I am getting quite cross now. She is not qualified for the job. That is it. Unqualified. If it were anyone else equally unqualified I would be equally appalled. I have nothing against her personally. I am baffled that you have taken that slant to be honest? It’s the same daft argument that we should forgive John Key his trillion memory lapses because he’s a nice-ish chap. I don’t want nice. I want competent. It’s not much to ask in people working for us. Jeez.


      Posted by Dianne - SaveOurSchoolsNZ | May 3, 2013, 10:36 pm

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